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Dock Rules


Adopted on February 16, 2002, by the Board of Directors
The marina is an association of individual slip owners. Owners, tenants and guests shall keep the marina clean and orderly, and report all Safety environmental, and structural deficiencies to the Marina Manager. The dock rules are established to maintain a safe, clean and harmonious facility. Your cooperation is appreciated.
ENVIRONMENTAL The marina is part of a sensitive marine ecosystem. The discharge of oil, fuel, hazardous materials or untreated waste into the water, intertidal zone or on the uplands is prohibited. Holding tanks must not be emptied in the marina Waste oil. garbage, and cleaning materials must be disposed of in appropriate shoreside receptacles.
  1. SECURE MOORlNG/LIABILlTYMarina occupants are responsible for the safe and. secure mooring of their boats and are liable for damage to .the marina structures or other boats. Any damage to the Marina must be reported to the Marina Manager as soon as possible.
  2. FIRE SECURITYNo open flames or-barbeques are permitted on open boat decks, docks, or the mooring areas. Designated barbeque sites are located adjacent to the Marina Office.
  3. POWER CORDSshall be the UL approved 30 amp marine type and are not permitted to hang in the water. No modifications to the electrical boxes/receptacles are permitted.
  4. DOCKS MUST BE KEPT CLEAN AND CLEAR AT ALL TIMESNo dock modifications are permitted. The Marina Manager must approve all dock attachments. Dock storage is limited to approved dock boxes. Boat steps on the finger piers shall not impede foot traffic to the ends of piers and shall not exceed 21 inches in width. Dinghies shall not be stored on the docks.
  5. CHILDREN12 or younger shall be supervised by parents or guardians when on marina property and are required to wear life preservers when on marina docks.
  6. WATER HOSESshall be stored so as not impede movement along docks/piers and will be disconnected during the winter months.
  7. NOISERespect others when setting sound system volume, conversing or operating engines or other machinery in the marina. Secure lines and halyards to prevent banging.
  8. VEHICLESParking credentials shall be properly displayed and all parking regulations shall be observed. Impounding of violators will be at car owner’s expense. RV’s, trailers, and dinghies must park in the upper lot. The marina manager must approve all upper lot vehicle or boat storage.
  9. TENANTS AND GUESTSare the responsibility of the slip owner to ensure knowledge and  compliance with all applicable rules. Guest moorage reservations are available on a first come, first served basis (8 day maximum) through the marina manager.
  10. NO BOATshall be moored at Anchor Cove that exceeds overall length limits.
  11. NO MAJORexterior boat renovations, construction, modifications or spray painting shall be undertaken at the marina. All sanding residue must be contained so as not to contaminate the marine environment, other boats, or the marina structures.
  12. PETSmust be leashed or caged and all droppings removed to proper receptacles.
  13. ENFORCEMENT All Marina Association Declarations, Articles, Bylaws, Rules and applicable Federal, State, County, and City rules, codes, regulations, and laws must be observed. Costs for labor and/or materials to correct or repair damages resulting from violations of the above dock rules shall be billed to the owner. In addition, fines up to $300 may be imposed.